Innovative Levitating Clock Displays Time In Coolest, Most Stylish Way You’ve Ever Seen


Flyte, the same team that brought you the levitating light bulb and floating planter, returns with an eye-catching new gadget that’s changing the face of time.

STORY’ is a minimalist and elegant timepiece that charts moments via a levitating chrome sphere. The metallic ball rotates around the clock’s orbit with the help of magnets. The way it documents time can be customised according to hours, minutes, and even years.


“STORY is a metaphor of our planet revolving around the sun, reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pocket, but a physical and shared experience.”


Three modes are available on the timepiece: Journey, which clocks time based on a unique life event, for instance awaiting the arrival of a new family member or setting up a new home; Clock; Timer, which caters to short term daily activities.

You can opt for an Ash or Walnut finish for the clock base. ‘STORY’ works when placed horizontally, vertically or at a 60-degree angle. It also comes with an LED display that illuminates through the surface of the wood so you can see the precise time clearly. Additional features include a backlit display that lights up the clock by referencing moon phases, sunrise and sunset, as well as temperature.

Flyte is currently raising funds to bring ‘STORY’ into production via Kickstarter. You can also check out the ‘HENG Balance Lamp’, with its unique levitating light switch that’s breaking the boundary of traditional design.








[via Kickstarter]

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