Illustrator Debuts Official 80s-Style Poster For Upcoming Film ‘Logan’, Creatives Respond



Image via Dave Rapoza


Several days back, illustrator Kyle Lambert shared his creative process behind the classic 80s-style poster for Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things.

Now, another poster flaunting a similar retro style has surfaced, much to the delight of X-Men fans and creatives alike.

Come 3 March 2017, actor Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as ‘Wolverine’ in the anticipated movie Logan. The story is set in a post X-Men era where an aged ‘Wolverine’ and afflicted ‘Professor X’ find themselves fighting to safeguard ‘X-23’ – a special young mutant who’s very much alike ‘Logan’.

Earlier this week, digital artist Dave Rapoza unveiled the official IMAX poster for the movie that he had painted. The artwork has garnered largely positive responses since Rapoza uploaded the image to his Twitter.

Watch the trailer for Logan and read through highlights of the feedback below.


Video via 20th Century Fox


Image via Dave Rapoza


Image via nerdmost


Image via _ChristopherM


Image via tvaziri


Image via ollyog


Image via skareviews



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