Illustrator Behind The ‘Stranger Things’ Official Poster Shares His Behind-The-Scenes Creative Process



“Here is the sketch I did for the Stranger Things poster using Procreate for iPad Pro and the finished Art painted using Photoshop.” Image via Kyle Lambert.


If you’re a fan of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, you’ll likely be familiar with the show’s official poster – but do you know the artist responsible for creating the visual?

Kyle Lambert, an LA-based illustrator and visual artist, had worked with design agency Contend to produce the series’ classic, 80’s style illustrated poster. Lambert was originally trained as an oil painter, but has since forged his expertise as a digital artist. This commissioned project had Lambert researching and experimenting, before coming up with the final product that now fronts the science fiction-horror drama.

Lambert explained on his website, “I began by studying my favorite posters by several of the legendary poster artists such as Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, John Alvin and Richard Amsel. I then experimented with ways to create traditional paintwork using digital tools.”

“I was given a loose composition by Contend and worked with their Art Director Nate Sherman to explore ideas for how best to communicate the story in a single image. Netflix gave me rough cuts of the first few episodes and a library of still photography to work from.”

“After a few weeks of exploration, we settled on a composition and I was tasked with painting the finished poster. I used the Procreate app on my iPad Pro to do the preliminary sketches and for blocking the basic colors of the poster. I then exported these layers into Adobe Photoshop and began detailing the artwork at a much higher resolution.”

Many have requested that prints of the Stranger Things poster be made available – something that Lambert is still working on.

View more images from his creative process on his website.


[via Kyle Lambert]

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