Adobe Shares 7 Up-And-Coming Design Styles For 2017 That Brands, Marketers, Designers Should Note


Earlier this week, you might have seen Adobe’s 10 design predictions for 2017. Now, the creative outfit zooms in on seven rising creative styles that will be beneficial for brands, marketers and designers to heed.

While some of the trends relate back to its aforementioned list of design predictions for the year, it’s added some noteworthy movements that could otherwise be overlooked.

Get ready to see more of: monoline illustrations; long form ads; responsive designs; live videos; augmented and virtual reality; minimalist designs; aerial footage.

Discover the perks behind some of the trends below and head here to find out more about the remaining styles.


Monoline illustrations

With greater movement towards minimalist design, one favourable style that has surfaced is the monoline. This clean and refreshing approach helps to break down complex ideas into simpler, more appealing illustrations.


Long form ads that convey a story

With so much clutter on the Internet and people’s attention span getting shorter, brands need to think up alternative ways to engage customers. One way is to deliver ads that tell an interesting story. Last Christmas, H&M debuted its film-like Christmas spot directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody.


Responsive designs

Gone is the age where people view brand websites solely through the desktop. Brands have to adapt to these changes in technology and ensure that their materials are viewable across different devices and platforms.

Website, created by freelance digital designer Joe Harrison, provides a great example of responsive logos. Resize the web page and see first-hand how brand identities behave to these changes.


Find out what Adobe has to say about the remaining styles here.


[via Creative Cloud blog by Adobe, image via]


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