Adobe Reveals Its 10 Design Predictions For 2017


Image via creativecloud


You might have already seen quite a number of design-related trend forecasts for this year, including Shutterstock’s 2017 Creative Trends infographic and the eight graphic design trends set to take over 2017 by free infographic maker Venngage.

Adding to the list is Adobe’s 10 design predictions for 2017, which comprises elements that overlap with former prognoses. The list includes:

  1. Minimalist designs
  1. Micro interactions to provide convenient visual feedback for users’ actions
  1. Video as a means of storytelling
  1. Vibrant colours and bold typography
  1. Personalised illustrations
  1. Infinite scrolling and parallax technique for websites
  1. Card layouts
  1. Conversational interfaces such as ‘chatbots’
  1. Augmented or virtual reality
  1. Prototyping

Visit the Adobe Creative Cloud blog for more in-depth explanation on each prediction.


[via Creative Cloud blog by Adobe]


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