Tutorial: How To Transform Your Dull Landscape Photos Into Gorgeous Images Via Lightroom


One of the best things about the Internet is the wealth of knowledge that is being shared by the creative community – from photographers to graphic designers and animators.

A noteworthy tutorial that could definitely help improve the quality of your photos is the first instalment of Scott Kelby’s 12-part ‘From Flat to Fabulous in Photoshop’ series.

Kelby is the President of online photography educational community KelbyOne. In the video, Kelby shows you how to transform your flat landscape photos into eye-popping visuals through an easy-to-follow Lightroom tutorial.

If you’re interested in course, head on over to KelbyOne to sign up or get a taster with a 10-day free trial.


[via Lightroom Killer Tips, video via KelbyOne]

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