Scenes From Famous Films Get Distilled Into Their Detailed Colour Palettes


Spirited Away, 2001

It takes a true cinephile to meticulously extract the specific colour palettes of frames from popular movies.

The time and dedication put in by graphic designer Roxy Radulescu has given rise to ongoing series ‘Movies In Color’.

“The idea started when I was watching Skyfall. I was taken with the cinematography and use of color more so than the story itself. I wanted to find out what colors made up certain stills and after making a few color palettes for Skyfall, took it a step further by extending it to all films and starting a blog,” explained Radulescu.

“So far, the blog has not only been an aesthetic pursuit but also an educational pursuit that showcases the relationship between color, cinematography, set design, and production design.”

“One of the goals is to give artists color palettes they can use in paintings, films, videos, graphic design, and other pursuits.”

If you’re keen to see the colour palette of a certain movie, feel free to send your request to Radulescu.


The Breakfast Club, 1985


Mean Girls, 2004


Elf, 2003


[via Movies In Color]

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