For Photographers: How To Use A Simple, One Light Overhead To Create Dramatic Portraits


Fashion and portrait photographer Jeff Rojas shares tips on how to create dynamic portraits via a minimalist, one-light setup in this two-minute tutorial.

“My main light is an Indra 360…my modifier is a 59-inch parabolic softbox, with an inner one-stop and outer one-stop diffusion panel,” explains Rojas inside the video. “This specific modifier is very soft; has a very soft transition between highlights and shadows – creating a very soft form of light.”

The light is positioned roughly one and half to two feet above his subject, who is placed right along the edge of the modifier. This allows the light to fill in and accentuate any unwanted shadows on the model’s face. It’s angled slightly forward, thus creating subtle tones to build dramatic portraits.

Watch Rojas’ tutorial below and subscribe to his YouTube channel ‘Jeff Rojas’ for more updates.


[via Jeff Rojas]

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