Creatives Respond To Mozilla’s New Open-Sourced, Dynamic Brand Identity


Seven months since inviting the internet to contribute to its open-source rebrand, Mozilla has finally unveiled its new identity. The choice was narrowed down from seven finalists and made in partnership with agency Johnson Banks.

The new logo pays tribute to URL language with the inclusion of ‘://’ and reinforces the idea that the internet is at the core of Mozilla. Netherlands-based Typotheque created the font ‘Zilla’ specifically for the wordmark.

The logo can be dressed up in various colours – changeable according to the context in which the logo is used. Mozilla has also opted for dynamic imagery, which enables the brand to stay fluid and adaptable.


Designers have chimed in on the redesign, including Sam Becker, executive creative director at Brand Union, and illustrator Ben O’Brien.

According to Creative Bloq, Becker commented, “Mozilla has ended up with a beautiful wordmark that will delight programmers and open web advocates around the world. The system, and even the containing box holding the letters, is fairly unremarkable but the typographic solution is gold. It’s a solution that makes me happy to be a designer AND a developer.”

O’Brien, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic about the type, “I like that they’ve done ‘something’ because their old logotype was as forgettable as…I forget. But to be honest using the ‘://’ feels a bit 2005. Clever idea, last decade.”

“Also ‘://’ does look like a dude eating a sandwich. Does anyone even type the whole ‘http://’ anymore? Surely not. Maybe if you’re coding, but not your average web user. Also, and I may be totally wrong on this, but I find that if you use symbols like that it appears to be overly ‘techy’ which isn’t what consumers (young and old) want from their browsers, they want easy to use, natural user experiences.”

He did however take favour with the collaged images. “The ‘ok’ hand with the bird photos and various graphic elements, I like the look of all that, nothing groundbreaking, but it comes together nicely for a broad audience.”

Read highlights of the responses by other designers below. What do you think about Mozilla’s new look?







[via Creative Bloq, images via Mozilla]

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